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About Me

Jennifer Juveth is a native speaker of (US) English who has been living in Norway since 2013. She is a Norwegian to English translator and English proofreader with a Bachelor of Arts in linguistics from the University in Oslo in Norway. Her coursework at UiO included Norwegian to English translation, English grammar, and Norwegian grammar, as well as a strong foundation in linguistics with courses in semantics, pragmatics, syntax, morphology, phonology, and historical linguistics, among others.

Jennifer and her husband, Gaute, have been married for seven years, and they currently live in Oslo, Norway. Her interests outside of language and translation include reading, writing, traveling, sloths, swimming, sewing, watching movies and series, cooking, and learning everything she can about ancient Scottish history.


  • Bachelor of Arts in linguistics from the University of Oslo

  • Bachelor of Science in church ministries from Southeastern University (Lakeland, FL USA)


  • OmegaT Translation Memory software

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